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Our purpose in Evangelism ministry is to win souls to the body of Christ and also making sure that the new converts stand firm on their new decision to be for God by checking on them and still feeding them with the word of God so that they won’t backslide.
Evangelism ministry can use many methods in preaching gospel or reaching out to people in so many ways:

OUTDOOR EVANGELISM: This can also be called ‘Street Evangelism’ whereby the evangelism ministry can stand in the open place and start spreading the gospel to pedestal.

DOOR-TO-DOOR EVANGELISM: Going from one house too the other to spread the gospel of Christ. TRACTS AND BOOKLETS: Giving out tracts in person or distributing them in public places i.e.
restaurants, cinemas or mails.

INTERNET AND SOCIAL MEDIA: As the internet is winning over millions of new users each year. It is a great opportunity for the evangelism ministry to use these powerful resources to spread the gospel. This can be achieved in different ways by using the church official website to preach, also the evangelism ministry can organize a Christian-themed blog also develop gospel presentation all to win more souls to the body of Christ.

INDOOR AND OUT DOOR CRUSADE: Our quarterly and annual programs help the church to win souls in large numbers to the kingdom of God. It also provides opportunity for effective follow up of the new converts.

To increase the church and enhance the spiritual growth of the believer. Acts 2:40-47. 1 peter 2:2