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Drama & Creative Art

Our purpose in Drama and Creative Art Ministry is glorify God through drama and creative arts. We help people identify visually with the theme of the service, or by helping proclaim God’s greatness. The Drama Ministry provides an effective means of communication.

The purpose of this ministry is to spread the gospel through drama and writing. The Drama serves so many purposes in the body of Christ Jesus. One of the purposes is that it is biblical. It is biblical in the sense that bible itself is the dramatic narrative of Gods relationship with people which was told over centuries and is ever new when its been presented each day.

Drama Ministry is also incarnational, meaning that when we act of scriptures or revelations, we are simply giving the word of God flesh and blood which in turn makes it real for us the drama actors and then to those watching us act. Furthermore, Drama ministry is also a gospel because Jesus Christ constantly employed dramatic and comedic stories in form of parables in order to convey what the kingdom of heave was like. It is also impactful, creative and
engaging too. When we act out Gods words it draws the attention of the congregation, creating lasting pictures in their minds concerning the theme of the play. Finally, it is fresh and unexpected. When we act, we bring a fresh sense of Gods word in a new dimension.

The goal of drama ministers is to use unthreatening way of evangelism as a tool to administer the message of the gospel of Christ and not merely entertaining the congregation.

When we act, we plainly reveal Christ by acting scriptures.