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Faith Impact Voices Music Ministry

When we worship God, we are creating a place of habitation for the King of Glory reside. For the bible said in the book of Psalm 22:3 “God inhabits the praises of his people”. We are his people and he want to live and spend time with Man just as he did with Adam in the cool of the day. There are two major forms of music which the choir sings each Sunday and they both different purposes. The first is the worship section, when we worship, we are lifting up the name of the King of Glory. We are literally adoring him and his mighty works and this leads to the action we experience in the second part of singing which is the praise section. When we praise God, we are inviting him down to come dance with us. The bible said in the book of John 12:32 “And I, when I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me”. one way of ensuring that lifting is throwing music.

Believers have a spirit, soul, mind, and power for the Lord. And music has the remarkable ability to involve the entire person in the moment of expressing devotion to God. Individuals are mentally, physically, and intellectually involved as they sing in worship. Music has a way of reaching the deepest recesses of our hearts, assisting us in expressing and reacting to God and the church. Singing brings us closer together in the church. The gospel is the only thing that binds believers together.

Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord (Ephesians 5:19). There’s an incredible beauty and connection between the spirit of believers with the Lord and each other in music. Songs of worship and praise can well up in the soul in times of joy and sorrow.